Kashperia is a luxury brand admired by people appreciating bespoke and quality products. We attribute the prominence of the Kashperia brand to the unique combination of our innovative ideas and cutting edge craftsmanship. Kashperia has become a leader in creating collections that are truly unique- from materials to designs and artistic works to final presentation. We at Kashperia use the rarest of rare products in the manufacturing of our products. We are credited with making the finest Shawls, Scarves and Headscarves in the world. We always strive to sculpture modern trend into timeless style by involving designers who are the best in this field in our design studios in Italy and Switzerland. This is the reason why our craftsmanship and creativity continues to beat in every product we create to ensure that each product acquires the distinctive stamp of a masterpiece. We use environmentally friendly techniques at every stage of our manufacturing process. Our commitment to elevate the lives of the nomadic tribes from whom we directly source our raw materials and artisans who we work with is our core value.