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 is one of the  softest fibers found in nature and is culled from the neck and underbelly of the rare species of the Capra Hircus mountain goat which lives at altitudes between 14,000 -15,000 feet weathering some of the harshest climates in the Himalayas. We at Kashperia source all our Shahmina wool from the Changthang region of Ladakh.
Kashperia uses the wool from the goats which are under the age of 18 months. The yarn collected from these smaller sized goats is much softer than the normal Pashmina sourced from an adult Capra Hiracus goat. A single goat yields only about 45 grams of Shahmina wool each year. It takes us about 8 goats to make one scarf or shawl. The Shahmina used by Kashperia has an average range of 13.5 microns. This results in a fabric that is extremely soft to feel, light weight and makes it highly durable. The amazing thinness of the fiber makes our Shahmina yarn  hard to weave on machine looms and this is where art and craftsmanship comes in, we spin and weave all our Boteh collection by hand in Kashmir.

The embroidery on our Boteh collection

draws its inspiration from the past. Right from the “Boteh “ patterns of Babylon to the nineteenth “Scottish Paisley”. An average of 3 months is spent on the embroidery of each product by skillful artisans.