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West Indian Sea Island Cotton (WISIC) is rated as the finest quality cotton in the world. The production of this Cotton is no more than 0.0004 percent of the total Cotton produced in the world.
In order to ensure purity of this raw material a specialist organization called WISICA International (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association International) inspects and certifies the locally produced cotton.
True to its quality commitment, every kilogram of Kashperia’s West Indian Sea Island Cotton is inspected by the WISICA and a certificate of Authenticity is issued for each item. In addition a special hologram certificate, which carries a unique identification number, is used as a sign for 100 percent purity of Sea Island Cotton for each product sold and marketed by Kashperia.

West Indian Sea Island

West Indian Sea Island Cotton used by Kashperia is picked by hand in the Caribbean and processed using a gentle traditional method which is mastered by only a few people in the world and woven by master weavers in Switzerland.

What makes West Indian Sea Island Cotton so desirable and special is the yarn’s perfect structure. The uniformity and hairlessness of the Sea Island Cotton fiber allows it be of remarkable strength, have significant brightness in color and give a soft hand feel

Some of the special features of Kashperia’s Sea Island Cotton are

Natural silken sheen
As soft as cashmere
As long-lasting as wool
Extraordinarily hard-wearing
Perfect yarn structure
Low felting tendency
Clear weave pattern
Positive contribution to the ecological balance