The ALPS collection has been made from 100 % Baby Pashmina an ultrafine fiber in Italy. Skilled master craftsmen in Italy have done embroidery on the fabric and the final product has been washed using the stream waters of Alps (Europe’s highest mountain range) resulting in a light and soft fabric with finest threadwork. The fabric has been made waterproof and currently the production is limited to just 50 pieces per season.
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The Baby Pashmina Story…..

As the name suggests, Baby Pashmina is obtained from baby goats. In other words, this is the fabric that comes from the first combing of a capra hircus mountain goat. Kashperia sources all its Baby Pashmina wool from the Changthang region of Ladakh in the Himalayas. Each fiber has an average diameter of 12.5 micros making it one of the  finest yarns available in the market.
This is an extremely rare material and we at Kashperia every year make limited quantities in this collection as it takes the fleece of approximately 18 baby goats to make one shawl as the average yield of the yarn that can be used for spinning is 16 grams per animal

A major difference between Pashmina and Baby Pashmina

 is the tapering. Baby Pashmina has one end of the fiber tapered which makes the yarn finer and the wool softer. This is where it makes a big difference in terms of the headscarves that we manufacture with the final product being softer, brighter and more importantly lighter